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The future of knee treatment is here

Hyaluron²Go is a proven treatment that relieves the pain of knee osteoarthritis for people like you

€120 per treatment

(4-5 treatments required)


Hyaluron injected into knee with osteoporosis
Hyaluronic Acid

€450 per treatment

(3 treatments required - Week 1, Week 4 and Week 8)

PRP autologous blood with hyaluronic acid (Cellular Matrix®)


We are here to revolutionize the world of knee problems

Hyaluron is a medication containing hyaluronic acid and is used in the form of injections to treat joint problems.

It is specifically approved for people with osteoarthritis (osteoarthritis), particularly of the knee.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that occurs naturally in joint cartilage and plays an important role in lubrication and shock absorption.

In people with osteoarthritis, the natural hyaluronic acid content in the joint is reduced. Hyaluronic acid is injected directly into the affected joint to improve joint function and relieve pain.

Hyaluron injected into Knee, Vienna

Senior physician Dr. Frisee is an experienced specialist in trauma surgery and sports traumatology as well as orthopedics and sports medicine and offers you individual treatment concepts with hyaluronic acid to go for your joint problems.

Senior physician Dr.Florian Frisee 

Doctor Florian Frissee


What you can expect from your Hyaluron²Go treatment!


Less than

30 min.

Treatment time

The hyaluronic treatment is minimally invasive and involves a series of injections directly into the affected knee joint. The injections are usually well tolerated and carry a low risk of side effects.

This non-surgical approach can be an attractive option for those who want to avoid invasive procedures.

Hyaluron injected into Knee, Vienna
Hyaluron2Go injected into Knee, Vienna


Up to 50%

Less pain

After 1


Hyaluronic acid treatment is known to provide effective pain relief for those suffering from knee osteoarthritis.

It works by replenishing natural hyaluronic acid in the joint to reduce discomfort and improve mobility.

Many patients experience a significant reduction in pain after completing the course of treatment.


Over 70%

Over 70% of patients see results up to

6 months

or longer

One of the significant advantages of hyaluronic treatment is its long-lasting results.

Although individual experiences may vary, many patients experience pain relief and improved joint function for several months or even up to a year after treatment.

This long-lasting relief can lead to a better quality of life and increased mobility.

Knee Before and After Hyaluron2Go

Osteoporosis knee

Healthy knee


A combination of complementary clinical effects from hyaluronic acid (HA) and A-PRP® that lead to better results in osteoarthritis patients.

Hyaluron injected into Knee, Wien

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. The abbreviation refers to plasma (the liquid portion of the blood) that has been enriched with blood platelets (thrombocytes). The enrichment occurs with platelets from the patient's own blood. To do this, blood is taken, broken down into its components in a centrifuge and then a maximum of blood platelets are obtained in a multi-phase process.

The patient's platelet concentrate produced with CellularMatrix provides an autologous reservoir of growth factors from the patient's blood.

We inject the A-PRP with hyaloluronic acid (HA) directly into the affected joint.

  • This from A-PRP obtained from autologous blood In conjunction with uncrosslinked hyaluronic acid, it helps to relieve pain and improve mobility in the case of osteoarthritis.

  • Promising success for early and moderate osteoarthritis

  • Treatment of all joints possible

  • Promote healing after surgical procedures on Knee– and shoulder joint(Meniscus, cruciate ligament, rotator cuff, etc.)

The indications

Knee in Pain with osteoporosis
cunsultation with a doctor about injured knee
  • The autologous, platelet-rich plasma (A-PRP®) is only contaminated to an extremely low degree with unwanted blood cells. The (A-PRP®) therapy uses platelets from the patient's own blood. Therefore there is no risk of disease transmission, allergic reaction or rejection.

  • Red blood cells are eliminated up to 99.7%.

  • The unwanted, inflammatory granulocytes, which are part of the white blood cell series, are eliminated by up to 96.7%.

  • The remaining white blood cells consist primarily of lymphocytes and monocytes.

The benefits of platelet therapy


A different approach that uses a best practice

Another approach: using a proven process. At our Hyaluron2Go treatment center, we have redefined the way knee pain is treated.

We don't settle for the usual; Instead, we use a proven process that ensures the highest level of effectiveness.

Our commitment to innovation and excellence sets us apart and offers patients a unique and effective approach to knee pain relief.

Learn how we're changing the game in knee treatment.


  • In general, hyaluronic acid can provide long-term relief from joint pain for some patients. It is an injection that contains hyaluronic acid and is used to improve synovial fluid and facilitate mobility. However, individual results may vary and depend on various factors, such as the severity of the joint disease, the patient's general health and compliance with recommended treatment.

    It is important that you seek advice from a qualified doctor in order to make an informed decision about treatment with hyaluronic acid. Your doctor can give you the best information about possible long-term results based on your individual situation.

  • It is important to note that not all people experience these side effects, and many people tolerate treatment very well. 

    Here are some possible side effects of Hyalgan injections:

    1. Local reactions: These may include pain, swelling or redness at the injection site. These symptoms are usually temporary.

    2. Joint stiffness: Some people report temporary joint stiffness after the injection.

    3. Headaches: In rare cases, headaches may occur.

    4. Hypersensitivity reactions: Although rare, allergic reactions to hyaluronic acid can occur. This may include a rash, itching, or difficulty breathing. In case of severe allergic reactions, medical attention should be sought immediately.

    5.  Infections: Every injection carries the risk of infection. It is important to monitor for signs of infection such as persistent swelling, redness, or fever and to notify a doctor immediately if such symptoms occur.

  • Hyal is made from rooster combs and is therefore not considered vegan. The hyaluronic acid in Hyalgan is obtained from rooster combs, specifically from the comb fluid of roosters. This process is necessary to obtain hyaluronic acid of high purity. 

  • Contraindication Hyaluron must not be used:

    - if you are hypersensitive to hyaluronic acid, chicken protein or any of the other ingredients.

    - if there are general contraindications to intra-articular injection (injection into a joint), such as infections or skin diseases at the injection site.

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